Maono PD400X Dynamic Microphone Kickstarter Campaign Had Successfully Ended

Maono PD400X Dynamic Microphone Kickstarter Campaign Had Successfully Ended

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Thrilled to tell you that the PD400X dynamic microphone Kickstarter has successfully ended on September 3rd, with a total of 520 backers backing our project and raising a total of $86,440, all users who place an order on ks can get a complimentary FREE upgrade of the windscreen from standard to a premium version valued at $20, Thank you to every user who supports our project and provides valuable suggestionsenables our second Kickstarter project ended o successfully.

The following information about crowdfunding will be further updated on the official website. Please continue to pay attention to the latest news on the official website. Now, let's check and see what their review says about the PD400. I think it will really help you make the decision.

In the early days of the project, Maono sent a batch of products to influencers and the media for suggestions and opinions collecting. Surprisingly, basically, everyone was very satisfied with their first experience with this product. Now Let's see what the reviews think of this Maono PD400X.

" Maono PD400 Sound fairly clean and totally pretty solid." _Digital Journal

“ The Maono PD400X is a cutting-edge microphone for a podcaster." _techjury

"Maono PD400X is an outstanding streamer-oriented microphone."_trendhunter

" PD400Xis pretty substantial product” _Infinite start

What Are the Influencers Think Of the PD400X?

I really think this PD400X microphone held its own, it may not have the smoothest high ed out of all of those microphones and it might not have the smoothest and low end out of all of them, but with that being said this microphone does a good job of just representing the voice well, with this microphone, I didn’t feel like there were some weird frequencies like I feel that way about some other microphones.——Audio Hotline

I have to say that sound rejection with this microphone is really good, so in conclusion, this is a pretty good microphone but you should really only get it if you like that darker more broadcast sound overall because most o your audio will be dominated by that particular sound stage, but you do get great sound rejection which is pretty awesome I like this microphone, I would definitely tweak it some more though, and if you are interested in it, then definitely try to see what type of sound you can get out of it. It is really a great microphone so if you are really interested in it, it is definitely worth the wait. ——Tech Summit

Maono is a brand actually makes and creates and puts things out, I would have no issues supporting them at all. This microphone really does want to be placed fairly close to the subject to help get rid of some of the sounds that are out there. It’s a nice-looking mic. This little table stand design is really what I want. It’s a nice kit for sure and comes with pretty much everything most people would need.——Greg Toope

Then What are our backers think of the PD400X?

Love the plug-and-play and software features. hoping to use it to replace a Blue Yeti _ Lynndal Daniels

I really like the simultaneous USB and XLR function, and it seems like a substantial piece of kit with clean lines, it'll be ideal for some projects I have in mind._Stuart Ruffell

I love the Maono PD400X for its design and features. It’ll be perfect with my maonocast!_Michel Oshiro

I love the Maono PD400X for the dual inputs, high-quality build, the app with advanced settings, and the headphone jack for monitoring audio, Thanks_Sean Dennis.

I seriously can't wait for this PD400X to come out! the fact that it has so many features such as the touch mute... will eliminate the click here from other sources... it truly is a beautiful piece of hardware!_Aaron Wienke

It's been only a couple of years since I get to know the Maono Brand and it has been a joy to witness the rising of an unknown brand to the mainstream, I backed the mic with no regrets. I know it will be a fantastic prodct._Hoang Huynh

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What Are the PD400X's Perfect Matches & Partners?

The PD400X currently is the first microphone that is comparable to the Shure V7 and has both US/XLR interfaces at a favorable price. And represents Maono’s entry into the field of software ad hardware combined with its outstanding appearance, and rich and varied functions. Especially the easy-to-use Maono-link software.

Apart from the PD400X microphone, if you are also looking for a compatible audio device and accessory for the boom arm, you can consider grabbing yourself an AM100 maonocaster and BA90 boom arm, currently, the AM100 and PD400X are the top-notch audio device that come with the most beautiful and professional sound. don't forget to build it with these two. you will love the sound coming out from them.

PD400X dynamic microphone set

We believe that in the future, more users will love the sound experience brought by the PD400X microphone,  truly facilitating Maono to become a global leading brand of Internet audio products that deliver a pleasant sound experience and with the mission of making the world's best microphones and audio products. 

Now as the project just ended, Maono team has already been arranging the bulk of order production & delivery. don't forget to keep following Maono's website to get the latest updated news. and if you are still interested in having yourself one, now it can only be pre-ordered at you can still lick HERE to buy directly. But considering the Kickstarter policy, we will give priority to crowdfunding user orders to be shipped first before shipping related pre-orders on other platforms.