Maonocaster AM100, AM200ÔľĆ AME2 and AMC2 NEO Audio Interface Comparison

In this article, we'll explore the key differences between the AMC2 NEO, AME2, AM100, and AM200 audio interfaces in terms of appearance, functionality, compatibility, and price
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1. What is Audio Interface?

Audio interface, also named audio mixer, is a kind of audio device that connects audio equipment,  such as microphones, instruments, and speakers, to a computer. It serves as an intermediary between analog audio signals and digital audio signals, allowing audio to be recorded, processed, and played back on a computer.

Audio interfaces typically include inputs for microphones and instruments, as well as outputs for headphones and speakers. They also often include preamps, which amplify and condition the signals from microphones and instruments before they are converted to digital audio signals.

Audio interfaces come in a variety of sizes and configurations, ranging from small, portable devices that connect via USB to larger, rack-mounted units with a wide range of inputs and outputs. They are commonly used by musicians, podcasters, and audio engineers to record and process audio on their computers.

Maono is a well-known best selling internet microphone brand in the audio equipment industry, known for producing high-quality, user-friendly products. The company has a range of products including microphones, headphones and audio mixers. One of their most popular lines is the Maonocaster best budeget audio interface which includes the AMC2 NEO, AME2, AM100 and AM200 Lite. In this article, we'll explore the key differences between these products in terms of appearance, functionality, compatibility, and price.

2. Maonocaster AM100 / AME2/ AM200/AMC2 NEO  Audio Interface Series Introduction

Ⅰ. Maonocaster AMC2 NEO Audio Mixer | $59.99

Maono recently released Maonocaster AMC2 Neo Steaming Mixer, an ALL-ON-ONE AUDIO MIXER FOR SOLO PRODUCTION. It can easily connect your microphone via the xlr/6.35mm interface, or simply connect to a computer via the usb-c port for direct recording. Drives XLR condenser microphones with 48V phantom power.3 fully customizable sound pads, with 6 preset reverb scenes and 4 voice changers, engaging your audience in an entertaining and interactive way. At the same time, it is equipped with 2-level noise reduction to reduce the surrounding noise and immerse the live broadcast atmosphere.

‚Ö°. Maonocaster Lite AM200 Audio Mixer | $ 99.99

It is an audio device that integrates, processes, and controls the output of sound for webcasting for ordinary users/novices. AM200 maonocaster lite is easy to operate and easy to use. In addition, AM200 can also change your voice to a male, female, or girl robot, and supports two-person live broadcasts at the same time, which increases the fun of live broadcasts. The 6-level adjustment improves the live broadcast atmosphere to meet the need for more live recordings. There is no need to worry about limiting your live broadcast time with the 8-hour usage time and the function of charging and using at the same time.

‚ÖĘ. Maonocaster AME2 Audio Mixer | $119.99

MAONO's best-selling audio interface, super cost-effective, and diverse functions have become the most popular reasons. 3-level microphone gain adjustment and 48V phantom power supply can achieve the best performance of the microphone. The independent USB-C jack makes the sound transmission clearer. And AME2 is compatible with most analog microphones, including XLR condenser/dynamic microphones, 6.35MM dynamic microphones, and 3.5MM microphones. There are also up to 11 custom sound pads to enhance the vibe of your podcast.

IV. Maonocaster AM100 Audio Mixer | $169.99

Powerful functions are the main feature of this audio interface, which is specially designed for mid-to-high-end podcasters and anchors. Each mic input is independently controlled and can be muted with the push of a button. It comes with a 48 V phantom power supply, which can be used with condenser microphones to make your tone pure and clear. The AM 100 has 6 reverb modes, auto-tuning, and 4 pitch shifters. Also includes professional features like a sidechain, mix-minus, noise cancellation, and loopback switch. It is also a perfect audio interface for guitar, The perfect recording or guitar tone will satisfy the seasoned broadcaster. Extensive compatibility also allows you to live stream on YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, Hitbox, BeamPro, or record to your favorite recording software.

3. What Are the Main Differences Among AMC2 NEO, AME2, AM200 and AM100?

  • Differences| Appearence

One of the most noticeable differences among the Maonocaster products is their appearance. The AMC2 NEO, AME2, AM100, and AM200 Maonocaster are compact and portable, specially designed to be used on the go. The AMC2 NEO has the most lightweight and compact appearance, with two colors of black and white. The AME2 and AM200 is also a small, square-shaped device that fits easily in the palm of your hand. It has a black and silver color scheme with a simple, minimalist design. The AM100, on the other hand, is slightly larger and has a more traditional rectangular shape. It also has a black and silver color scheme but has a more complex design with buttons and dials.

  • Differences|¬†Interface &¬†Connectivity

The AMC2 NEO interface is the most special, with only one XLR microphone interface. The AM200 audio interface has two 3.5MM microphone interfaces and both of them have no instrument interface. AME 2 has one XLR microphone interface (6.35MM universal) and one 3.5MM microphone interface, and AM100 has two XLR microphone interfaces (6.35MM universal) and one 3.5MM microphone interface. Both AME2 and AM100 have two headphone jacks, while AMC2 NEO and AM200 has only one headphone jack, and all four can realize simultaneous listening and recording.

  • Differences|¬†Functions

Because each audio interface targets different people, the functions of the three audio interfaces will also be somewhat different. AMC2 NEO has 3 custom sound effects, AM200 has 4 custom sound effects, AME2 has 11 custom sound effects, and AM100 has a total of 7 custom sound effects. The AMC2 NEO, the AME2, and the AM100 have 48 V phantom power for use with condenser XLR microphones, while the AM200 does not. The AMC2 NEO, the AME2, and the AM100 have microphone gain to provide high-quality sound.

maonocaster comparision

4. Similarities Among AMC2 NEO, AME2, AM200 and AM100 Maonocaster

  • Basic functions

All these four audio interfaces have the basic functions of adjusting timbre, reverberation, electric sound, and tone, and the mode of each function is not single, but optional. A variety of adjustment functions increase the entertainment and richness of the live broadcast, provide podcasters and hosts with a personalized podcast atmosphere, and make the live broadcast no longer monotonous.

  • Bluetooth connection

The product can be used as background music by connecting Bluetooth. After connecting the Bluetooth playback device, the accompaniment music can be sent to the audio interface through the Bluetooth function without connecting cables (the Bluetooth function is only used for wireless accompaniment).

  • Compatibility

Compare with all operating systems, mobile phones, tablets, and computers can be used. Play at will, broadcast at will, broadcast at any time. However, please be welled know that none of them support the use of USB microphones.

  • Noise reduction function

All three audio interfaces reduce background noise, so you'll get clean,distortion-free audio that's rich and warm, just like in a professional studio.

5. Podcast Equipment Bundle Recommendation  


If you are looking for your own sound card set for the first time, the combination of MAONOCASTER AMC2 NEO and PD100 is the most suitable choice.

The MAONO PD100 microphone has a built-in dynamic core and an internal double-layer pop filter, which provides crystal-clear, well-balanced reproduction throughout the frequency response, and provides detailed, faithful sound, perfectly matching the AMC2 NEO. High-quality preamplifiers up to 60dB are also great for elevating audio productions.

The set's independent control of MIC volume, MIC gain, AUX IN, headphone and stream output can provide you with a better experience. When podcasting, flexible controls give you time to interact with your audience.

For a user who is trying to buy a sound card set for the first time, a low-priced set can help you carry out follow-up work with less burden. That's why we created this set, to let everyone feel the power of sound quality.

  • For Two-Person| AM200 S1 | Price at About $119.99

If you are looking for a two-person sound card set suitable for beginners, we recommend a cost-effective and easy-to-use product for you - the MAONOCASTER AM200 S1 audio production studio.

The MAONOCASTER AM200 S1 all in one audio production studio includes an AM200 audio interface and a PM360TR 3.5mm microphone, both of which are MAONO brand high-quality audio equipment. AM200 audio interface supports 48kHz sampling rate recording, with professional audio quality, while ensuring high fidelity recording quality, also provides a convenient and fast plug-in USB interface, after connecting to the computer can achieve fast recording and playback. PM360 microphone adopts low noise and large dynamic heart-shaped pointing characteristics, suitable for recording various sounds such as vocals and Musical Instruments.

In addition, the MAONOCASTER AM200 S1 kit comes with an adjustable headphone output that allows you to listen in real-time while recording, ensuring more accurate recording.

All in all, the MAONOCASTER AM200 S1 Audio Interface package is a cost-effective, easy-to-use sound card package that meets the needs of novice users while delivering high-quality recording effects.

TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL | AME2+PD200X | Price at About $179.99

An affordable, full-featured sound card package can provide excellent recording results for beginners or experienced people. We recommend the following sound card set to meet your need for high-quality recording.

The MAONOCASTER AME2+PD200X kit is a very practical tool. The suite has professional-grade sound quality, can be adapted to a variety of recording needs, and is easy to set up and use, whether you are a novice or an experienced user can quickly get started. In addition, it comes with 2 *3.5mm TRRS audio cable cables for a comfortable recording experience. At an affordable price, this package is ideal for customers who are looking for a quality recording solution.

All in all, this sound card package provides excellent recording effects for beginners and experienced users at an affordable price.

GOING PRO | AM100+ PM500T | Price at About $319.99

If you are looking for a most functional sound card set, consider the AM100 working with PM500T condenser microphone. Although the price is higher than other MAONO sound card products, the utility and professionalism of this set are impeccable.

For professionals or those who are very familiar with sound cards, this sound card kit is a good choice. It has multiple input and output interfaces, supports multi-channel recording and mixing, and can implement advanced features such as digital signal processing, giving you more flexibility for various audio processing tasks. At the same time, we design products with the user experience in mind.

Using excellent chip and circuit design, so that it has excellent anti-interference ability and stability, not only can ensure the accuracy and stability of data transmission but also can effectively reduce noise and distortion. the sound quality comes from Maonocaster AM100 and the PM500T microphone is currently the perfect bundle that we tested.

6. Conclusion

Audio interface is the necessary podcast equipment if you want to improve your sound quality, and enjoy the full function of podcasting, live streaming, and recording. AME2+PD200X is currently the most popular and best audio interface equipment bundle and is highly recommended for beginners and professionals to set up their audio production studio to its' functional usage and acceptable price.

If you pursue supreme sound quality, then AM100 with PD400X would be your perfect choice though the price will be a bit expensive. But both of these two options of podcast equipment bundle are suitable for podcasting, recording, live streaming, and gaming.