maonocaster amc2 neo audio interface

Maonocaster AMC2 Neo: A Reliable One-Stop Streaming Mixer for Creators

As an energetic and innovative brand, Maono is always dedicated to developing Internet audio products that deliver pleasant audio experiences!

Millions of content creators from 153 countries have praised Maono's audio products for their useful functions and user-centered design. Whether you are a streamer, podcaster, gamer, vlogger, or creative content creator, you will find a Maono audio product to complete your recording setup. 

Newly Released:One-Stop Streaming Mixer

Audio interfaces & Mixers play a key role in Maono product categories. Maonocaster AM100, AME2, etc designed for online content creators have received good feedback from users, especially AM200 has won Best Selling in North America.

To provide more compact options for content creators, Maono recently released Maonocaster AMC2 Neo Steaming Mixer, a one-stop portable audio interface designed to make content recording hassle-free. By offering this compact and high-performance audio interfaces, Maono solves content creators' needs for efficient and intuitive audio mixing and monitoring during podcasting, gaming, or streaming.

60dB Ultra-low-noise Gain:Support High-quality XLR Microphones

Maonocaster AMC2 Neo brings you high-quality, clear, and loud sound. It features a premium preamp function that provides up to 60dB of Gain with ultra-low noise. Functional equipment is all you need to elevate your content creation.

For small home recording set-ups, the mixer with a single input is all you need. Hook up a dynamic or condenser microphone with the audio interface via its XLR input, and in just a few steps, you can easily record your ideas and share them with viewers.

Maono integrates microphone volume, microphone gain, aux-in, headphone, and stream-out controls into the Maonocaster AMC2 Neo streaming mixer. This allows creators to seamlessly control audio fluently without the need for additional external devices.

Discover More:6 Preset Reverb Scenes & 4 Pitch Changers & Bluetooth

The streaming mixer gives you great, personalized sound wherever you are. At home or on the road, the compact audio interface lets you sound great with multi-functionality and flexibility.

For example, you can connect a Bluetooth Device to Neo for wireless audio input or use the one-button direct monitoring on/off for gaming or podcasting. With 3 fully customizable sound pads,4 voice changers, and 6 preset reverb scenes, your content will be engaging and interesting. To provide a user-centric audio recording experience, the Maonocaster AMC2 Neo offers Side Chain and Music Only functions. Side Chain turns down music elements, letting your voice shine through on the podcasts without losing the melody. The Music Only feature removes only words from a music recording.

7-Hours Long Battery Life:Experience Continuous Creation

Maonocaster AMC2 Neo incorporates a Two-level Noise Canceling feature to improve audio quality. The hassle-free clear audio recording will elevate your content. With 7 Hours of Battery Life and the ability to use the streaming mixer while charging, you can create content for hours without interruption.

The product can effectively serve the purpose of content creation with a portable, multi-functional, one-stop audio interface. Without a long learning curve, you can start using the audio interface for podcasting in just a few steps and enjoy sharing your ideas with viewers or listeners.

Maonocaster AMC2 Neo will be available on Maono official site on August 8th, 2023.


Maono: Global Best Selling Internet Microphone Brand

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