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1. Please do not hold the microphone by hand, please fix the microphone on the stand.

2. Check the connection status of the cable and the microphone interface is firmly connected.

3. Do not use a hub! First change the computer USB port connected by the audio interface, if it is a desktop computer, please connect to the USB port on the back of the host.

4. The noise of the audio interface itself or the environmental noise in normal use, the solution is to use it in a quieter environment.

5. The microphone gain is too high or the environment is noisy, causing the ambient noise picked up by the microphone to exceed the audio interface's noise reduction threshold. The solution is to reduce the microphone gain.

6. The interface of the computer device you are using is old or poorly grounded, or the power circuit connected to it is old, causing leakage and continuous current noise. Please try another computer device in a different environment or switch to a mobile phone for testing.

7. Electronic devices with strong radiated signals in the vicinity of the microphone, for example: wireless routers/video lamps, will produce interference noise. Please use the microphone in a different environment, for example: if the current location is the living room, please use it in the bedroom instead.

8. The noise caused by software incompatibility, please change to use the computer recorder for recording, and close third-party software to avoid software conflicts or noise caused by effects.

9. If you use it on a mobile device, Apple devices must use MFI-certified cables, and other brands should use original cables as much as possible.

10. If none of the above solves the problem, please record audio and take photos or videos of the audio cable connection. Send them to us so we can assess your problem

  • Please set the GAIN on the front of the audio interface to the correct position, following your ear's sense of hearing.
  • Please adjust VOL to 75%.
  • Please adjust HEADPHONES to 75%.
  • Please adjust OUTPUT to 75%.
  • Please set the microphone 7-8in away for the best recording experience.

You can connect active speakers through the 'Headphone' interface.

  • Please set the GAIN on the front of the audio interface to the correct position to follow your ear's sense of hearing.
  • Once it is set to the correct position, there is no need to adjust the GAIN button.

You can adjust each knob to the middle before using

  • AUX: Adjusts the input accompaniment sound
  • GAIN: adjusts the microphone gain
  • Pitch presets: Interesting sound change adjustment
  • HEADPHONES: adjust the sound you monitor through the headphones
  • OUTPUT: Adjust the volume of the output to your phone/computer
  • VOL: Adjusts the sound of the microphone input
  • Reverb Presets: Adjusts the reverb
  • SIDE CHAIN: Highlight the human voice and lower the background music during the live broadcast
  • Music Only: Eliminate vocals from background music and keep the original sound of the music
  • Direct Monitor: Turn on or off microphone monitoring
  • Loopback: on the computer, not open, can monitor, but can not record on the computer
  • Noise Reducer: noise reduction button, there is a level of noise reduction and secondary noise reduction
  • ABC SOUND PAD: Customize button
  • Please adjust VOL to increase the sound of the microphone
  • Please adjust HEADPHONES to increase the sound of the monitor
  • Please adjust AUX to increase the sound of backing music
  • Please adjust OUTPUT to increase the sound output of the phone
  • Please adjust GAIN to increase the microphone gain
  • Monitored sound and recorded sound are controlled by different knobs
  • Adjust HEADPHONES to adjust the monitored sound
  • Adjust the OUTPUT to adjust the sound output of the phone
  • Please check if the podcast console has power, please use the charging port to charge.Whether it is fully charged for 3 hours.
  • You need to long-press the for more than three seconds to turn it on.
  • Please connect the USB-C port of Maonocaster to your computer with the USB cable included in the package
  • Please check the sound settings of your computer after the connection is done. The default input and output are 'Maonoaster C2 neo' (right-click on the speaker on the right side of the desktop to open the sound settings)
  • After powering on, the Bluetooth indicator light flashes, Bluetooth works normally and actively searches and pairs the connected phones with, long light after connection
  • Long press the Bluetooth button for more than 2 seconds, the Bluetooth button light changes from always on to off and automatically turns off all Bluetooth pairing.
  • Make sure the USB & LINE OUTPUT knob is on and turn up the output volume
  • Long press the Direct monitor button to open the LOOPBACK button
  • Please make sure that the phone connected to LINE OUT or the computer connected to USB-C is recognized correctly.
  • Please check if Side Chain is turned on by the short press, please turn it off
  • Record to computer, long press and hold the “Direct monitor ”button to open the LOOPBACK button
  • The correct gain is not selected on the GAIN
  • Shure SM7B microphone has a sensitivity of -59dB and the Rode podmic has a gain of -57dB. You need to set the GAIN of the audio interface to the right position to get better recording results

AMC2 Maonocaster has built-in gain to provide sufficient gain for all microphone types, including low output dynamic microphones. The GAIN knob on the panel can be adjusted to the right position when in use to get the right effect

We do not provide additional OTG adapters, you should connect your phone and AMC2 via OTG (the adapter must be the original official Apple adapter)

Recording can be achieved by using 6.35MM plugged into the instrument port, but it is not recommended, because AMC2 NEO is a two-in-one interface for microphones and instruments, and only one of them can be used, not both.

  • A/B/C three buttons can record 20s of sound effects.
  • The products from the factory are not entered into the customized sound effects, and users need to be entered by themselves before they can be used.
  • Recording method: In the start-up state, the AMC2 NEO is connected to a microphone, or an external audio speaker accompaniment input device, or connected to a Bluetooth device, short press any of the custom keys, see the light flash slowly, release your finger, this time for the recording state,the AMC2 NEO will be recorded through the above channel sound effects, according to the actual demand for recording the appropriate length of audio, short press to stop recording, you can also wait until the lights go out to record the longest sound allowed to be recorded by the button

AU, Audacity, etc...

It doesn't work on a voice call, it works on podcast or live streaming

No, the Maonocaster AMC2 NEO does not support the connection of USB microphones.

No, the AMC2 NEO is not a USB host device and will therefore not allow the connection of Bluetooth headphones.


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