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When the transmitter starts the connection function, it cannot connect to the receiver, try to use the phone SIM card pin inserted into RESET hole and pressed for 3 seconds to start the reset function, then try to connect.


The use of conventional cell phone charger can be charged, rechargeable battery, computer USB port.

Please tear off the bottom of the insulation tape.

Low-cut function can shield the surrounding noise, ambient sound, so that the sound is more clean.

Align windshields and microphone jacks, then push in the direction of the Maono logo to complete the installation.

1. Please check if the connection is correct, TRRS (Four rings) connects to the phone, TRS (three rings) connects to the microphone
2. Please connect the audio cable to the microphone OUTPUT jack
3. When using the phone does not have a 3.5 MM headset hole, please connect the phone through the On the Go adapter cable, On the Go adapter cable, please use the original, to avoid connection failure and poor sound quality problems

1. Your wireless microphone is not successfully connected to the phone, you can use the recorder to record the sound, and then gently tap near the charging port, if there are sound fluctuations, the microphone is not successfully connected, please reconnect the device
2.WM821 has 6 volume levels, short press the receiver A or B button to adjust the volume of the corresponding transmitter

1.The receiver can switch between "Merged(MIX)" and "Split(AB)" by pressing the power switch button
2.This allows you to record each transmitter onto separate channels on the output ('Split' mode) or combine the two into a single output ('Merged' mode). When it's in 'Split' mode, there will be two output level meters, when it's in 'Merged' mode, there will be just one


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