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How To Choose Yourself A Perfect Maono Podcasting Microphone

When choosing a podcasting microphone, you may wonder what is the best microphone that matches your needs. To let you have a bit of basic microphone knowledge, here we list the differences between USB microphones and XLR microphones and the differences between condenser microphones and dynamic microphones. And we have some podcasting microphone tips for you. 

USB Microphones VS XLR Microphones

Since XLR is an analog connector, you need to connect XLR microphones to an audio interface, then record to your computer. If you are using a USB microphone, a USB cable is generally included, allowing you to connect the microphone to the computer. 

What is the main differences between USB and XLR microphone?

Podcasting USB microphones are more convenient because it is plug-and-play, they are usually used for gaming, streaming, and online chatting. Functions such as muting, mic gain adjustment, and headphone volume controls are often available on USB microphones.

Also, remember be carefully selecting a USB microphone as it can't directly be used with an audio interface. Generally, most users choose a USB microphone for its' functionality and utility. but if you would like to increase with more upgrades & customized functions in the future, you would definitely would love to select a XLR microphone first.

Condenser VS Dynamic Mic

May some friends have no idea Dynamic microphones pick up the sound through the pressure variations that sound waves exert on the diaphragm. They are often used for recording drums, or other instruments that generate a lot of signals. However, they can also be used with vocals. For example, Broadcast Dynamic Microphones, characterized by their expensive cost, are often used in a radio stations.

Condenser microphones work with a capacitor that generates electricity depending on the distance between its two components (membrane and plate). They are more sensitive than dynamic microphones, so the signal will be stronger. They are most used for recording vocals, pianos, etc.

Dynamic microphones are less sensitive to noise than condenser microphones and they only require basic care. Dynamic microphones can provide clear audio performance and great durability. In this way, it is a more suitable choice for most podcasters who record at their untreated rooms.

Sometimes it is kind of difficult of selecting a perfect microphone as there are so many kinds of podcasting microphones in the market. Then, from what point can you consider which kind of product to buy?

1. First of all, think about how much budget you want to use on the microphone.

2. Think about which microphone interface you want. is that USB or XLR microphone? or do you want both connectors together? Think about if you would like to upgrade the mic with more customized functions with the audio interface. if you'd like, you definitely would like to have the one with the XLR interface.

3. Think about which kind of microphone you would like to have. is that a condenser podcasting microphone or a dynamic podcasting microphone?

Below is the recommended Maono microphones you might interested in taking check.

Podcasting Recommended Microphone

XLR Podcasting Microphone Kit- Maono PM320T, PD200X, PD400X

There is a wide range of USB condenser microphones on the market, while it is not common to see high price-performance ratio XLR podcast microphones. Maono launched its PM320T, PD200X, and PD400X XLR/USB microphone to elevate the sound experience of podcasters and other content creators.

PM320T XLR Microphone | Price At $69.99

The Maono PM320T microphone kit is an entry-level microphone kit. It includes a podcasting XLR microphone, a scissor arm stand, and complete accessories including an XLR audio cable, a pop filter, and a shock mount. Its accessible price, good sound quality, and complete range of accessories make it a good choice for beginner podcasters. They can rely on the microphone to get a clear sound with rich details. The Maono PM320T retails for 69.99 USD.

PD200X XLR/USB Microphone | Price At $79.99 

PD200X XLR/USB podcasting dynamic microphone is ideal for podcasters, music creators, streamers, etc. The highlight of the microphone lies in its dual outputs, smart companion software Maono Link, RGB option, and physical audio controls on its metal body. Similar products on the market are up to $200, while you can get PD200X at a good price of 79.99 USD, now it is on pre sale and you can get it with $10 off , only $69.99 need with free XLR cable.

This cardioid patterned dynamic mic reduces pickup of sound from the sides and rear, making superb isolation of unwanted noises. With the dual audio outputs offering flexibility and great compatibility, the mic performs well as a USB podcasting microphone or an XLR podcasting microphone.

In Maono Link software, you can find audio features such as mute, mic gain control, monitoring switch, tone options, and more advanced features that contributes to perfecting your recording. With the RGB lights on, the microphone can add a bit of engaging style. The microphone offers dynamic multi-color gradients and 8 static solid-color effects.

PD400X XLR/USB Microphone | Price At $149.99 

Maono PD400X XLR/USB podcasting Dynamic Microphone is the flagship product of Maono PD series microphones. At the first sight of the microphone, you will know it is a podcasting-style microphone.

What you can expect from Maono 400X podcasting dynamic microphone is professional-level audio quality, a 3-in-1 smart dial, and advanced audio functions in Maono Link. It will give you the ultimate audio experience because it is specially tuned for podcasting with its dynamic capsule and cardioid polar pattern providing professional-level sound and great isolation of unwanted sound. Via the central 3-in-1 knob, you can control mic gain, monitor mix level, and headphone volume. Maono Link software unlocks the capability of Maono PD400X by providing advanced functions such as a limiter, compressor, EQ options, etc. The microphone sells for $149.99.

The mentioned XLR microphones are well compatible with Maono AME2 Podcast Studio and Maono AM100 Audio Interface.

USB Podcasting Microphone Kit- Maono A04 and PM422

A04 USB Microphone | Price At $59.99 

Maono A04 is an entry-level USB podcasting microphone kit that includes a USB podcast microphone, a sturdy scissor boom arm, a premium pop filter, a shock mount, a USB cable, etc. The complete accessories Maono A04 kit offers to allow you to start recording without having to buy other items. The condenser microphone is solid and feels heavy at hand.

It can be a reliable USB microphone if you want to start a podcast show. The plug-and-play operation and USB compatibility will make the start of your recording fluent. Besides, the condenser mic records 24-bit, 192kHz audio, which is quite impressive as it is an entry-level microphone, and it has a cardioid polar pattern. 

PM422 USB Microphone | Price At $69.99 

Similar to Maono A04, the PM422 kit ($69.99) also includes complete accessories, including a scissor arm stand with a clamp, a premium pop filter, a shock mount, a USB cable, and a mic foam. The podcasting USB microphone PM422 is the heart of this kit, it has basic functions of mic gain, touch-mute, and a 3.5mm jack for real-time monitoring.

For beginners in the podcasting industry, the microphone kit is easy to operate. You just need to plug the microphone into your computer, and then select USB mic as default input in your software settings, and you are good to go. You can use the microphone kit for podcasting, streaming, chatting, etc. Maono, the global best-selling internet microphone brand in the market, there are several kinds of high-sound quality microphones with different price budget ranges for your options. start saving money by selecting yourself a perfect microphone now.

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