Maono PM471, an Ideal USB Microphone for YouTubers and Gamers

Maono PM471, an Ideal USB Microphone for YouTubers and Gamers

Thrive for Quality

Due to COVID-19, people are quarantined at home and restricted, unable to travel as they did before. Consequently, more and more people all around the globe embraced distant learning and working style. What comes with this trend is the growing time spent on online chatting, streaming, gaming, and content creating more than ever. With millions of content creators online on different platforms, standing out in the crowd matters.


Quality Mic for Amazing Content

Maono recently released PM471, an entry-level all-in-one USB condenser microphone ideal for YouTubers, gamers, work-from-home workers, teachers, students, and anyone who needs to talk online.



It features a top-address design that brings more convenience for users and uses a cardioid pickup pattern that can reduce background noise. The 24Bit/192kHz high-resolution audio and 20Hz - 20kHz frequency responses deliver precise sound capturing. There is also a knob on Maono PM471 for easy adjustment of mic gain.


Lightweight and Portable 

This lightweight and portable desktop microphone comes with complete accessories, including:

  • Refined pop filter that reduces the popping sounds caused by plosives
  • Shock mount to wrap the mic
  • A Desktop stand to offer stability
  • USB audio cable


Affordable but Durable

Came with a high standard and durable product is an affordable price worth investing for an excellent voice online, as Maono prioritizes the customer’s satisfaction.


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MAONO Microphone Desktop Stand
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