Maono Shines at HKTDC and NAB, Earns International Recognition with Exceptional Technology

Maono Shines at HKTDC and NAB, Earns International Recognition with Exceptional Technology

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In April 2024, the global electronics industry witnessed two major events of great significance. Firstly, the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair (HKTDC) concluded successfully after several days of exhibition. As one of the largest electronics expos in Asia, it has been held for 20 editions, bringing together global innovative electronic technologies and products, and offering an unprecedented technological feast to the industry. Following closely, the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB SHOW), with a history of over 90 years, also concluded satisfactorily. As a globally recognized premier platform for the broadcasting, television, and media entertainment industries, it has always been one of the most prestigious exhibitions in the industry, attracting attention from electronic enthusiasts worldwide.

During these two major events, numerous enterprises and brands in the electronics industry competed to showcase their latest technologies and products, injecting new vitality into the industry's development. Maono, an acclaimed leading brand in the field of internet microphones, showcased its outstanding product strength and brand charm at these two major exhibitions, attracting global attention.

Maono has already been honored with internationally renowned awards such as the IF Design Award" and "CES Innovation Award," as well as numerous accolades including "China's Most Influential Brand in Independent Innovation," "National Innovation Leader Brand," and "Top Ten Brands in China's Live Broadcasting Equipment Industry." At this exhibition, Maono presented its full range of products, including PD200X dynamic microphones, DM30RGB gaming microphones, WM620 wireless microphones, and PS22 sound cards, comprehensively showcasing its profound technical expertise and innovative strength in the audio field.

In addition to its outstanding hardware capabilities, as the only brand in the domestic microphone industry that has proactively laid out software applications, Maono's software strength is equally noteworthy. Its independently developed Maono Link control software allows ordinary users to achieve precise adjustment of audio parameters in professional audio software through simple settings. Through this innovative combination of software and hardware, Maono has significantly reduced the functional requirements of entry-level users in internet professional scenarios such as podcasts, audiobooks, live streaming, short videos, game voice chat, and singing, allowing them to easily enjoy high-quality audio experiences.

At the exhibition, Maono's products, with their outstanding technological strength, unique product appearance, and brilliant explanations by professional staff, received unanimous praise from global merchants and industry insiders. Among the highlights was the highly anticipated Maono's new WM620 Lavalier Wireless Microphone, a versatile and compact solution designed for YouTubers, vloggers, and content creators.

Equipped with 4-Step Mic gain adjustable and 2-Way monitoring, the WM620 wireless lavalier microphone impressed attendees with its sleek design and superior quality. One attendee, John Smith, a professional content creator, expressed his thoughts, stating, "I was blown away by the WM620 Lavalier Wireless Microphone. The audio quality is exceptional, and the customization options are simply fantastic. Maono has truly raised the bar in the audio industry, and I can't wait to incorporate these products into my workflow."

Visitors to Maono's booth at the NAB Show were treated to live demonstrations of its upcoming gaming bundle, the PD100X microphone and the G1 Neo Sound Card, designed to meet the demanding requirements of gamers and streamers.

David Johnson, a visitor who is soon to embark on gaming streaming on Twitch, shared his thoughts after trying out the PD100X and G1 NeoGaming Kit, stating, "As someone new to game streaming, I was initially worried about the complexity of setting up audio equipment. However, after trying out Maono's PD100X and G1 Neo combo, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use. The functionality is comprehensive, and the setup process was a breeze. I'm planning to purchase it once it hits the market."

Many visitors expressed astonishment at the achievements of Chinese companies in microphone software development technology, and they couldn't stop praising Maono 's products. The outstanding booth design and the quality of Maono's products also impress visitors to the Maono booth.

It is worth mentioning that as a leading global internet microphone brand, Maono is not only a rare startup company in China that focuses on microphone software development, but also continuously invests in and values technological innovation and product upgrades. This dedication was fully demonstrated at this exhibition. Looking ahead, Maono will continue to enhance its R&D capabilities and market competitiveness. With its innovative spirit, it will provide users worldwide with even higher-quality audio products and services, earning more trust and support from users.

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