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Maono CES Exhibition Show
Exhibitions & News

2024 Maono Showcase Flagship Audio Products at CES & NAMM Show

Participation CES & NAMM Show 2024 in January was a huge success for us. As a global best selling Internet microphone brand, we left an indelible impression on the attendees with our exceptiona...
by Cai Joyce | Jan 30, 2024
Maono shows up at CES Exhibition
Exhibitions & News

2024 Maono First Overseas Exhibition at CES is About to Begin

Meet with Us At CES The New Year comes with a new start, Happy Near, thrilled to tell you that 2024 Maono's first overseas exhibition is about to begin, and our team will show up at the CES exhibit...
by Cai Joyce | Jan 02, 2024
IFA exhibition
Exhibitions & News

Maono Displayed Amazing New Products at IFA exhibition 2023

On September 1st-5th 2023, Maono displayed three main product series at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany.
by Kana Zhou | Sep 05, 2023
PD200X IF&Reddot Reward
Exhibitions & News

Maono Audio Microphones Win IF and Reddot Design Award 2023

Maono is the best-selling internet microphone brand that provides different kinds of audio solutions for users, offering products that are stylish and dedicated. And this year Maono revealed severa...
by Cai Joyce | Jun 27, 2023
Maono NAMM show
Exhibitions & News

Maono Internet Microphone Brand Shows up on NAMM & NAB Exhibition 2023

Are you excited to check out Maono's big events at the exhibition in April? we are so thrilled to meet our loyal users and met the famous Youtuber at the exhibition.  So many users at the exhibitio...
by Cai Joyce | Apr 21, 2023
Maono 2023 Exhibitions
Exhibitions & News

Maono 2023 Exhibition Invitation For Everyone

Excited to announce that Maono will attend three exhibitions 2023 in Hong Kong and the US in April. we will bring our new latest products like PD200X, PD400X, DM30 RGB, DM70, and DM90 podcasting an...
by Cai Joyce | Mar 22, 2023


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