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Not necessary, because the PD400X is a dynamic microphone.

  • That whistling sound is called an Audio feedback and caused because of an endless loop caused when the mic picks up the sound of the loudspeakers and sends it back to the loudspeakers to amplify and picks up again
  • Ways to correct /avoid feedback
  1. Face the speakers away from the mic or place farther away.
  2. Lower their volume or mic gain

Use unidirectional cardioid mics which have a rear rejection that means no pickup from back side. Then you can use stage monitors facing you in the middle of the stage. And mic won't pickup them.

  1. Ring out the speaker - deliberately create feedback by taking the mic closer to the speaker. When feedback happens, check the frequency on a real-time analyser and cut it using channel eq or graphic eq.
  2. Use a feedback reducer
  • Android can be connected through OTG adapter or USB-C to USB-C data cable
  • iOS can be connected through the adapter cable provided by our company
  • PD400X is a dynamic microphone, relatively insensitive, the recommended distance is within 15CM
  • Please speak according to the direction shown to avoid the microphone not picking up the human voice
  • Using USB mode: Please check whether the microphone gain knob is in a reasonable position and whether the computer is using the device PD400X
  • Using XLR mode: please turn up the gain knob on the sound card, please check if the gain of the sound card is enough to push the microphone
  • Unplug the microphone data cable, replace the USB port and reconnect it (desktop computer to the USB behind the chassis, do not use a hub or docking station)
  • Stay away from audio and electronic products to avoid electronic signal interference. Change to a quiet environment to use the microphone, avoid external ambient sound being picked up by the microphone, troubleshoot the problem first
  • Turn off the use of third-party software, use the recorder that comes with the computer to test
  • May be the computer or plug board leakage, you can choose to replace a computer test
  • Low-cut is a filter that removes low frequencies from the audio signal.
  • Frequencies below a defined frequency (usually between 20 Hz and 150 Hz) are removed from the filter, removing some of the low frequency noise for a cleaner sound

5V / 130mA-0.7W.

  • USB mode and XLR mode are completely separate, control the sound, light function is controlled by the USB mode, need power to use
  • XLR mode output for the pure original sound, switch and sound effects by the sound card control
  • Microphone gain is too high, the microphone is sensitive, resulting in picking up more ambient sound, please reduce the microphone gain, it will improve the sound quality
  • PD400X is a condenser microphone, the microphone is sensitive, the microphone will pick up ambient sound while bringing more sound details, please keep a distance from your computer, cooling fan rotation and operation will generate noise
  • USB port or data cable is bad, please replace the connection cable or USB jack (desktop computer please connect to the USB port behind the case)
  • Please check the connection of the audio cable to the computer, unplug it and reconnect it
  • Check if the microphone works properly on the computer
  • If not resolved,please contact us via


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