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We offer a selection of adaptors and cables for connecting Maono microphones to a wide range of devices. Whether you're recording into a computer, smartphone, or professional audio recorder or interface, our premium adaptors and cables will ensure you can get connected with ease and offer superior audio reproduction so you never have to sacrifice sound quality. Find the right solution for you below.



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Maono XLR Microphone Cable Premium XLR Patch Cable_600-600XLR Microphone Cable Premium XLR Patch Cable
Maono AD304 High Quality USB Sound Card_600-600USB sound card
MAONO AD304 High Quality USB Sound Card
Prezzo di vendita鈧18,95
Maono LA02 OTG adapter cable_600X600-01Maono LA02 OTG adapter cable_600x600-01
MAONO LA01/LA02 OTG Adapter
Prezzo di venditaDa 鈧27,95
Maono USB To Type-C OTG Cable Adapter_600-600USB to Type-C OTG ADAPTER
MAONO USB To Type-C OTG Adapter
Prezzo di vendita鈧18,95
MAONO WM840 Digital Wireless System_ 600 脳 600-01MAONO WM840 Digital Wireless System
MAONO WM840 Digital Wireless System
Prezzo di vendita鈧113,95


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