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Wireless Microphone

Sometimes you need the freedom of cable-free recording, but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice audio quality. Our wireless microphones allow you to record incredible audio without limitations, whether you're on stage, on set, or in the field. From the industry-standard Maono WM820 range to the revolutionary WM820 A1 Wireless Tikmic, Maono Wireless Tikmic is trusted to deliver crystal-clear, high-resolution sound with powerful transmission capabilities and versatile features for a wide range of recording applications.



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maono WM600B1 Wireless microphone_600 × 600-01maono wm600 b1 wireless microphone
maono WM820A1 wireless microphone_600 × 600-01maono WM820A2 wireless microphone_600 × 600-01
maono WM821 Wireless microphone_600-600-01MAONO WM821 Dual Wireless Microphone System
maono wm760 wireless microphone_ 600 × 600-2Maono WM760 A2 Wireless Microphone_600-600
WM760 A1/A2 Wireless Microphone
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