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Maonocaster AME2 audio interface
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AME2 and PD400X Podcasting Equipment Bundle

Prezzo di vendita€239,95

PD400X is a multi-functional XLR/USB dual-mode dynamic microphone specially designed for online podcasting, which is also a professional microphone that can be used for recording, streaming, and singing. it is really wide-compatibility with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android OS, and you can record on computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

1. ●CARDIOID PATTERN: Equipped with a Cardioid pattern with excellent off-axis noise suppression performance.
2. ●3-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTION COMPOUND KNOB: easy to turn it to adjust the microphone gain, headphone volume, and monitor ratio, and press the knob to switch the

adjustment mode.
3. ●WORK WITH MAONO-LINK: Maono Link provides functions such as microphone gain, headphone volume, microphone tone, equalizer, limiter, and compressor allowing PD400X to perform more functions.
4. ●REAL-TIME MONITORING: 3.5mm headphone real-time monitoring output, upgrade the amp to better support high-end monitoring headphones.
5. ●1 TAP TO MUTE: Intuitive and easy to reach with a simple click of fingertip availability.
6. ●STANDARD ⅜" and ⅝" THREADED INTERFACE: You are allowed to connect any bracket you like, with a desktop bracket iron plate.


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An impeccably sounding customizable microphone

Get The Sound You Need!

Why settle for another microphone when Maono is here?Maono PD400X is a microphone which delivers superb sound quality just for less!It is great for recording, gaming, live streaming and more.

maono pd400x dynamic microphone

Makes your voice more Clearly

Cardioid Polar Pattern

Featuring the cardioid polar pattern, the microphone only picks up the sound over its head, thus minimizing the background noise. This gives you a clean and natural-sounding voice that brings out your best!

 Find Your Voice And Own It

The PD400X dynamic microphone with exceptional features and professional-level performance, this microphone is an all-around great solution that outperforms the competition in several key ways,including superior sound quality, reliable noise reduction, intuitive operation, and a powerful app!Take your most challenging audio projects to the next level!

maono pd400x dynamic microphone
maono pd400x dynamic microphone

A Versatile Mic that is Up to Your Alley!

PD400X Dynamic Mic


Dual USB, XLR output allows digital or analog recording.

3 in 1 Digital Knob

Controls microphone gain headphones volume and monitor mix with a simple and intuitive user experience

 Standard threaded Connection

Grip the mount easily with two 3/8* connection choices

Tap to Mute

Intuitive and easy to reach with a simple click of fingertip availablity

maono pd400x dynamic microphone
maono pd400x dynamic microphone



Maono-Link Software


User Manual



General Product Question

A dynamic microphone is more durable and captures much less ambient noises compared to a condenser microphone. It's a preferred choice for recording vocals in untreated environments like homes and offices.

Currently, only macOS and Windows versions are available. If we plan to make a mobile App, we will let the backers know in an update.

It depends on your audio interface. You should be able to get loud and clean sound with any audio interface with at least 52dB "real" gain range. You might need a microphone activator if your audio interface has a weak pre-amp.

Currently, only macOS and Windows versions are available. If we plan to make a mobile App, we will let the backers know in an update.

No, Maono Link is not a driver. You don't have to install it to use the microphone. Maono Link Desktop App provides additional features to fully unlock the hardware potential of Maono PD400X.

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For returned products, we will have to confirm with the warehouse before sending you the return address. It may take 1-2 weeks. and the relevant freight will be borne by Maono. please wait patiently and remember not to return the product to the Amazon warehouse address. otherwise, Maono will not accept it and we will not refund you.


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