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Which Are the Best Wireless Microphone Systems for Youtube?

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The  Wireless Microphone is designed for professional stage performances, stadiums,high-end KTV private rooms and halls, school classrooms and multimedia rooms, and high-grade home use, with professional-grade amplifiers, stereos, karaoke machines, and large-screen TVs.

Use, but if you are a professional Wireless  Microphone you need to have the following features:

1. It has a net head locking structure and is equipped with a high-strength anti-collision steel net head to prevent damages caused by dismantling the microphones in the business premises;

2. The use of simple button switch, there is no other buttons or adjustable components on the appearance of the microphone, completely avoid the fault caused by misoperation;

3. Hexagonal anti-rolling rubber ring is placed on the head of the net, and it is not easy to roll on the tabletop; there is a protective rubber sleeve at the end of the microphone, which is not easy to damage when dropped;

4. Automatically search for free channels to quickly and accurately find interference-free channels, which greatly simplifies commissioning during installation.

5. Sound code mute design (digital pilot), with code lock function or identification function, completely eliminate the interference and noise phenomenon;

6. Adopt specially designed sound heads, and carry out balanced adjustment to the characteristics of human voices, so that you can speak and sing easily and freely;

7. With automatic mute and impact elimination circuit to avoid the impact of switching and noise, to prevent the impact of the atmosphere and even damage the sound reinforcement equipment;

8. The microphone uses a double boost circuit design. When the battery voltage drops, it will not reduce the transmit power and will not shorten the operating distance.

Maono WM820A1/A2 Wireless Tikmic

The Maono WM820 A1/A2 Wireless microphone is an ultra-compact and extremely versatile wireless microphone system consisting of a receiver and transmitters. Universal compatibility with cameras, mobile devices and computers, extended range (164ft line of sight), and improved transmission stability.

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  • 2s auto pairing, plug and play
  • Ultra-compact wireless audio
  • 2.4GHz digital transmission, crystal-clear audio at up to 164ft, optimized for extremely stable operation in dense RF environments
  • Built-in Omni mics and external lavalier microphone, meet the needs of different scenarios
  • Fine mic adjustment for easier audio post-editing
  • Professional audio chip for clear and natural sound
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MAONO Microphone Desktop Stand
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