Brand Manager

We are Looking for a brand manager in North America, please kindly read the details below carefully and contact our Maono teams by EMAIL at the bottom according to the region & area.

Job Responsibilities:聽

With a full understanding of users/markets/competitions, according to the development strategy plan of the company, carry out the brand strategic planning and brand system construction, fully responsible for brand planning, design, promotion and management, establish and develop the brand culture and product culture.

Responsible for the planning and promotion of the brand image, establish a brand management system. Establish, promote, and maintain the brand image from the perspectives of brand recognition, reputation, loyalty, etc. Plan professional content: braking user positioning, brand positioning, brand appeal, brand creativity, brand communication, brand promotion, etc.

Lead and execute online and offline activities related to brand building, effectively enhancing the company's reputation锛歱lanning and execution of brand activities锛宻uch as press conferences, marketing activities, exhibitions, completing creativity and copywriting, promoting activities, coordinating activities resources, summarizing and evaluating activities.

Accurately grasp the company's brand positioning and product design style, carry out brand planning according to market demand and changes, regional characteristics, and market information, formulate brand VI standards and supervise the implementation, and implement them in a planned and purposeful manner.

Cooperate with industrial design and user experience teams to ensure that the brand concept is faithfully implemented in products and services. Cooperate with digital, retail, and marketing teams to revitalize our brand in these channels and experiences.

Have some experience in understanding crowdfunding platforms and how to guide and use these communities.

Supervise and manage the brand image to ensure the unified spread of the brand image.

Pay attention to the latest developments in the industry, analyze the impact of the brand activities of peers or competitors on the company, and put forward corresponding strategies in a timely manner.


Familiar聽with聽work聽remotely,聽experience聽in聽cross-border聽and聽cross-regional聽team聽management聽is聽preferred Proficient聽in聽brand聽management,聽brand聽positioning,聽and聽brand聽image聽shaping,聽with聽advanced聽copywriting聽planning聽ability,聽high聽aesthetics,聽and聽comprehensive聽ability聽of聽text聽visual聽output. With keen business and market awareness, information collection capablities, problem analysis, resolution, accurate market dynamic, and market directions, and excellent overall analysis and comprehensive management capabilities. With聽strong聽communication聽skills,聽good聽teamwork聽spirit,聽a聽strong聽sense聽of聽responsibility,聽independent聽thinking聽ability,聽observation,聽and聽adaptability,聽able聽to聽withstand聽greater聽work聽pressure Working聽experience聽in聽companies聽such聽as聽OPPO,聽VIVO,聽OnePlus,聽Zebao,聽ANKER,聽etc.聽is聽preferred.

Email Contact: (click the email below and directly email to us) (North America & Europe & South America), (Southeast Asia & India)

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