Qualcomm Interprets The Next Generation Audio Codec

Qualcomm Interprets The Next Generation Audio Codec

Qualcomm held a media communication session to interpret the next-generation audio codec

aptX Adaptive. It features stable, top-quality sound, scalability, low latency and low bit rate

audio transmission for a better audiovisual experience in mobile gaming and audio.


It is understood that Qualcomm aptX Adaptive technology is based on the type of content

played on the terminal, through the unique technology to automatically adjust to provide the

best sound quality and low latency, while also using the external RF environment to support

a robust connection.aptX Adaptive dynamically adjusts performance to deliver superior

sound quality in the best possible way, with no new action for users playing games or

listening to music.

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At present, the type of consumer content on mobile terminals is rapidly changing, and

consumers can do more than listen to audio. Audio optimized for mobile phone calls is very

different from applications that require low latency for music. The prevalence of mobile

gaming and mobile video consumption requires wireless audio terminals to provide fully

synchronized audio and video content.


According to a research report released by Qualcomm, 30% of respondents said that in

addition to listening to music and talking, they also want to use wireless headphones when

playing games or watching videos.


Most audio codecs on the market today are static in nature and support only fixed bit rates,

which can cause wireless connectivity problems in challenging RF environments. Many

existing codecs are designed for listening to music and are not suitable for applications that

require low latency games and audio/video. aptX is one of the first technologies to really help

improve the Bluetooth listening experience.




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