WHO Publishes Guidelines For The Use Of Audio Equipment

WHO Publishes Guidelines For The Use Of Audio Equipment

According to data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations

on the 12th, about 1.1 billion young people (between 12 and 35 years old) are facing an

irreversible risk of hearing loss, and the volume of personal audio equipment is too large

(such as using mobile phones to listen to music) is an important cause of risk.


According to the WHO, about half of the world's young people are using a mobile phone and

other devices to listen to music at a higher volume than safe. WHO Director-General Tan

Desai said that hearing loss is often irreversible. In the case of human beings having

sufficient techniques and knowledge to protect hearing, many young people should not be

exposed to hearing loss simply because they listen to music.

 game microphone

On the same day, WHO and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) jointly issued

the Recommended Guidelines for the Use of Personal Audio Equipment (WHO-ITU

Guidelines), including the addition of volume and duration monitoring functions on audio

equipment, the addition of parental control volume functions, and the use of technical means.


Analyze whether people's habits of using audio equipment are safe. According to the WHO,

about half of all hearing loss cases can be intervened through public health measures.


The WHO-ITU guidelines were developed under the WHO “Hearing Safety” initiative, which

seeks to improve the listening habits of people, especially young people.


Based on the latest research data, experts from WHO and the International

Telecommunication Union have conducted discussions with multinational governments,

producers, consumers and civil society organizations, and have developed WHO-ITU

guidelines for two years. WHO recommends that governments and producers adopt the

guidelines on a voluntary basis.




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